The mission of the Portland Center for Restorative Justice is to build and sustain a culture of peace and belonging in the greater Portland community utilizing Restorative Justice principles and practices.  As a group of trained volunteers, we provide structured settings, Circles and facilitated dialogues, in which people in conflict can begin to heal and individuals within a community can come together to listen to one another.  We work in schools, churches, businesses, and with youth who have come to the attention of the formal juvenile justice system.

Since opening in 2011, our Center has offered Victim-Offender Dialogues for youth and the victims of their offenses, Circles in churches and schools, and trainings in prisons and jails.  We are currently engaged in exciting new initiatives around community building and responses to injustice.

The Center is housed in Portland’s First Parish Unitarian Church, but is not religiously based.  Our site describes in greater detail the philosophy of Restorative Justice, the programs of the Center, and the background of our trained facilitators.